Easing the suffering of others through innovative stem cell therapy.

Despite a variety of treatment attempts by a litany of medical providers, Lisa Moler suffered through decades of chronic pain brought on by auto-immune disease and spinal stenosis.

Pain had become the new normal for Lisa. And then, in 2018, she received her first intravenous injection of mesenchymal umbilical cord stem cells.

Within a week, she was pain-free.

Within a month, she had set a meeting with the owner of BioGenix – a leader in stem cell regenerative medicine – to explore business opportunities. Today, Lisa and her husband Len Curtisi are working to ease suffering worldwide as global distributors for BioGenix.

Lisa Moler is founder and CEO of MedMark LLC, host of DocTalk Dental, and publisher of several dental specialty publications. CONTACT HER!


I’ve been in chronic pain for 26 years. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in 1992 that gave me overall body aches and severe pain and spinal stenosis in both my neck and lower back 10 years ago. I was a mess.

I took every prescribed drug imaginable, saw every specialist I could find, performed every test they ordered … and NOTHING worked for me.

Being severely sensitive to every pain med prescribed, and not one to pop pills like candy, I lived for years in a severe chronic pain state. Eventually, I got used to the everyday pain and anxiety that comes with it. Sometimes our bodies just adjust and living like this becomes the “new normal.” Such was the case with me.

Eventually, I began researching stem cell therapy. I vetted stem cell companies both domestic and abroad and was introduced to an amazing company out of Houston called Biogenix.

As one might imagine, it was not an easy decision to proceed. Most of the research on stem cell therapy had been done internationally. There simply was not much to draw on in the U.S.

However, given the pain that I was in, I took the plunge. In August 2018, I was intravenously injected with 90 million umbilical cord Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).

To my amazement, four days after the injection, I was almost 100% free from pain.

After previously experiencing so much pain that I could barely get out of bed or stand up straight to get into the shower, I was actually down on the floor playing with the dogs! What a miraculous, God-sent, amazing moment this was for my husband and I. To live a life free from pain after all of these years of suffering?? Something seriously WORKED?!

We are living in an epic time for all things science and healing.

One year later, I am still 85% out of pain. I take only small doses of Tylenol when I feel a little bit of pain coming on. I’m actually able to attend Pilates classes three times a week. Words cannot describe the joy I experience just living and appreciating every single day.

Of course, being the entrepreneurial spirits we are, my husband and I contacted the owner of BioGenix to see how we could become involved with this amazing product. We’ve been given the incredible gift of helping others suffering horrific illnesses and chronic debilitating pain as global distributors for BioGenix.

The relief of others’ chronic pain has become my most important “calling” to date. Obviously there are no guarantees in life, but – over one year later – I still thank God for these stem cells and this company every day!